The story so far..

It’s all started during the year 1995 when I was 15.

The golden year for computer era as the dot-com boom started and world’s influential software products like Java, IE 1.0, Opera 1.0, Yahoo.com, ebay.com, Hotmail were introduced to the world. It was either coincident or I was fortunate for touching the computer enthusiastically for the first time and keyed my name to display on the monitor, exactly during the same year. The moment still remains green in my mind and will last for life time.  I was learning and writing some BASIC language programs fascinatingly at that time.

Hi!, I am Alagesan Palani, a software geek specialized in Microsoft web technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, C# and all the latest technologies that come in between in developing rich internet web applications.

Just to recall, my first complete application I developed was a calendar application in COBOL in 1997. It was lot of fun and that ignited my desire towards software and computers. But the real fun started to unfold when I got my hand dirty on C and C++. I developed a remote monitoring system; a DOS based screen capturing application to monitor any system’s screen connected in a network. It was a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) program developed on Novell network.

My next experiment was with Visual C++. I developed a mark sheet reading system to automate the process of evaluating mark sheet by image processing. It earned me a first prize in a College level competition. Bingo.

During and short time after graduation my next favorite language was Java and J2EE. I read and slept with Java books like world famous novels especially Head-First series, man!! I bet reading them is a lot of fun, yeah, a lot!

I made up my mind that my carrier is to live with Java and related technologies, but it took turn into Microsoft technologies when my first official job happened to be in Microsoft technologies. It took me to whole new world of Website development.

That’s when all those rich internet applications and asynchronous page processing trend was picking up. I designed and developed remarkably great Online Auction system to enable material purchase through bidding without refreshing the page. Ajax.js, ASP.NET, C# and SQL server are core technologies used to develop the system. That’s another interesting and fun full moments of early software carrier.

Currently I am in media domain implementing lot of interesting web application stuff starting from ASP.NET MVC UI to WCF services, I love to get my hand dirty in every layer of the system.  Other than Microsoft technologies I love lot of open source technologies like JQuery, Knockout, Node.js, Signal R etc. to name a few client side technologies.

My current area of interest is Cloud computing, Big data analytics. I like reading books, a lot of books. But currently I read books to learn its writing style more than the content of the book itself. Yeah, I am a learning writer.

I am married to beautiful Sivaranjini and have two kids Shrinitha and Shrivatsan. I love them more than any other things in the world as I strongly believe that they bring the true meaning to my life.

I am glad you read upto this patiently and I would appreciate and welcome you to follow me on twitter at @alagesann for more happenings.



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